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Procurement Services :

♦ Ram E&I has dedicated procurement team to identify right vendor in right price, procure and supply of Electrical and    Instrumentation materials

              • Electrical : Transformer, DG set, HT & LT Switchgear panels, Lighting, Earthing & Lightning protection                 materials, Cables, Tray, Electrical heat tracing material, Cathodic protection materials & etc..
              • Instrumentation: PLC, DCS, SCADA, Instrument control panels, Field Instruments, Analysers, Control &                 On/Off Valves, JB’, Tubing & Fittings, CCTV System, PAGA System, Telephone system Fire Detection and                 Alarm system and etc…

♦ Ram E&I will provide the following services as per customer requirement

              • Preparation of Material Requisition(MR)/Request For Quotations (RFQ) for all bought out items, equipment,                 systems
              • Issue of Invitation To Bids (ITB)/Enquiries and receipt of Bids/Offers
              • Techno-commercial evaluation of bids/offers, issue of queries/clarifications, receipt of replies/confirmations
              • Purchase Recommendations and finalization of vendors/suppliers
              • Order follow-up and expediting
              • Liaison with vendors and internal departments/client/consultant for Quality Assurance Plans, inspection and                  testing procedures and vendor document review and approval
              • Undertake stage and final inspection at manufacturer’s works
              • Review and approval of inspection, test reports and issue of clearance for dispatch.