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Manufacturing Services :

Ram E&I has a factory premises for Electrical & Instrumentation panel shop and complete system integration and testing facility.

Our Electrical Panels are CPRI Certified

        ♦ Electrical - MV, LV, VFD Panels, PDBs, LDBs Control & Relay panel, AMF Panel
        ♦ Instrumentation - PLC/DCS/SCADA Systems
        ♦ LT PCC, LCC, MCC Panels
        ♦ HT Control and Relay Panels
        ♦ ACDB, DCDB, LDBs, Local Push Button Stations
        ♦ MCCs for Soot Blower, Fire Fighting System, ESP System
        ♦ Control Desks
        ♦ APFC Panels
        ♦ AMF Panels
        ♦ HVAC Control Panels
        ♦ Auto Synchronous Load Sharing Control Panel
        ♦ LV Motor Soft Starters Panels
        ♦ DC/AC Variable Frequency Drive Panels
        ♦ Field Junction Boxes
        ♦ Other Panels on request