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Engineering Services:

Ram E&I has trained manpower in system design, and detailed engineering, required engineering data base and familiar with all National and International design and Engineering practices and codes & standards like IS, BS, EN, ANSI, ASME, ASTM, API, NES, DIN, IEC, IEEE, ISA, ISO & etc…

Ram E&I has major software for Electrical & Instrumentation engineering like ETAP, Electrical Solution Prof. V12, INTOOLS, PRODOK, CANVAL, INSTRUCALCN & etc…

Ram E&I offers comprehensive Electrical and Instrumentation engineering services like Front End Engineering Documents, Basic, Detailed Engineering, and Construction

Engineering and includes preparation and submission of all relevant drawings/documents as required for project execution and for client’s review and approval and attending technical review meetings, whenever required.


       ♦ Project Electrical System Requirements
       ♦ Specifications for electrical equipments
       ♦ Data sheets for electrical equipments
       ♦ Equipment/load list
       ♦ List of deliverables
       ♦ Fault Level Calculation
       ♦ Relay Co-Ordination schedule
       ♦ Transformer sizing
       ♦ Generator sizing
       ♦ Other calculations
       ♦ Cable sizing & voltage drop
       ♦ Lux level calculations
       ♦ Earthing calculation
       ♦ Power Factor Correction
       ♦ Key Single Line Diagram
       ♦ Equipment Layout
       ♦ Earthing & Lightning protection system Layout
       ♦ Plant Lighting Layout
       ♦ Cable routing layout
       ♦ Typical Installation Drawings
       ♦ Typical Control Schematic Drawings
       ♦ Typical Control Schematic Drawing for Protection & Metering Circuits
       ♦ Typical Control Schematic Drawing for Motor & Power feeders
       ♦ Typical Installation Drawings
       ♦ Bill Of Materials / Material Take Off


       ♦ System study and finalization of operation, control and protection philosophy
       ♦ Operation & Control Philosophy
       ♦ Protection and Safety Philosophy
       ♦ Instrument Index
       ♦ Specification and Data Sheets for all types of instruments
       ♦ System Architecture
       ♦ PLC/DCS SCADA System Input / Output list
       ♦ Cause & Effect Charts
       ♦ Protection Logic Diagrams
       ♦ Control Loop Diagrams
       ♦ Detailed specification for PLC/DCS/SCADA systems
       ♦ Instrument & Control Panel Design
       ♦ Instrument Location Plan
       ♦ Instrument Hook up / Installation drawings
       ♦ Signal / Control / Communication Cable Schedule
       ♦ Junction box location / wiring
       ♦ Instrument - JB - Control room / Marshalling racks interconnection wiring
       ♦ Instrument Cables & Cable Tray / Trench / Conduit Layout
       ♦ Erection Hardware List
       ♦ Preparation of purchase specification
       ♦ PLC / DCS / SCADA & Networking Systems
       ♦ Boiler Protection & Burner Management Systems
       ♦ Sizing calculations for Flow elements and Control Valves